Maike Wetzel

PROLL! by Adrian Figueroa with a screenplay by Maike Wetzel won the Deutsche Kurzfilmpreis 2021 of the Bundesministerium für Kultur und Medien, 1. Prize in Oberhausen and Deutsche Kamerapreis. ARTE TV-Portrait of the director and me. - Rewatch the discussion with Adrian Figueroa & Maike Wetzel hosted by GI Boston and Brandeis University 03-02-2022

Watch the REPLAY of the event about my novel ELLY: hosted by Book Soup and Villa Aurora, Los Angeles, Maike Wetzel in conversation with Lisa Napoli

Maike Wetzel works as a writer, playwright and screenwriter in Berlin. She studied at the University for Film and TV Munich and in the UK. Her debut novel ELLY won the Robert Gernhardt Prize and the Martha Saalfeld Prize. ELLY was also inaugurated as „Debut of the Year 2019“. The English translation by Lyn Marven is published by Scribe Publications in April 2020. The GUARDIAN counts it among "ten of the best new books in translation". The Finnish edition appears at LIKE.

Maike Wetzel's collection of short stories DISTANT BELOVED was also published by Schöffling & Co. The story DOPPELLEBEN is the literary source for her libretto for Marc Sinan’s musical theatre „Endless Pleasures – Orpheus & die Päonienfrau“ (premiered at Bühnen Halle on 19th October 2019). Her short stories have been translated into numerous languages and received multiple awards.

The English translation of Long days was published by Comma Press, UK.   The Hungarian translation of Hochzeiten "Mámor" is available at AB-ART, Bratislava. review of MÁMOR Selected stories appeared in Korean, Italian, French, Danish, Czech, Russian, Polish and other languages. More reviews at Belletrista Unity Books


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